White Crane
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Welcome to the site dedicated to the traditional style of Chinese wushu (kung fu) - Yunchun Bai He Quan ( White crane fist from Yong Chun). This style influenced development of many South Chinese styles and is the one of the influencing forces of Okinawan karate. We maintain traditions and practice this style in its classic form, as is done in the birthplace of White Crane in Yongchun County (China) "Wen Gong Qi" since 1928. Our teacher was Pan Cheng Miao; the head of the center today is his son, Pan Tsyong Qi. Our branch is located in the Ukraine, the city of Odessa.

It is headed by Viktor Olegovich Potemkin, who has 30 years of experience in martial arts. Viktor has trained the Vietnamese version of Hung-gar since 1992. In 2011 he began to study the style of Bai He Quan under the guidance of A.Yu. Ognev. In 2012, he first visited the homeland of the White Crane - Yong Chun. Since then continuing his studies he has regularly visited China for study and to participate in competitions. Has is recognised by the Wen Gong Qi Center with the responsibility to teach in the name of the Wu Shu Guan.



Legend has it that the style of the White Crane was created around 300 years ago by a girl named Fang Qi Nian. As the daughter of Shaolin master Fang Zhong, she practiced one of the classic Shaolin styles. Hard power methods were difficult for her but one day whilst watching a crane, she realized how to oppose brute force with softness. This is now one of the most famous styles of Southern China and has influenced many of the martial arts styles of that region.
The Pan family are 13th generation practitioners of this style. They are the leaders of the Wen Going Ci White Crane Center, created in 1928 in the homeland of this style To date, Pan Cheng Miao has trained many students from abroad abroad, among them Martin Wats (Spain), Andrey Ognev (Russia), Haki Celikol (Germany) and others.
Andrei Ognev brought this classic style of White Crane to Russia. Having a broad experience in martial arts he has a deep understanding of the style painstakingly transmitted to him by Master Pan. Through him , the knowledge has been passed to his student Viktor Potemkin who practices this style in Ukraine. Viktor has travelled many times with Adrie Ognev to train in China under master Pan. Victor now lives and teaches in Odessa.


Our primary aim is to convey the true spirit of White Crane from Yunchun as practiced before modern wushu modifications. The training is based on traditional techniques and methods as practiced in the Wen Gong Qi gym to this day. Methods of combining the body into one whole, coordinating movement and breathing, strengthening the limbs, increasing the body's resistance to shock and rooting (resistance to overturning) - These practices strengthen and increases the health of the body which is important with the modern lifestyle. The techniques are Simple and concise - a self defence skillset designed for harsh street confrontation .

All these are methods and methods proven by many generations and this is their value. We also have a more sporting direction for children. We prepare the children for Wushu Sanda competition. Our team has been successful both at the championships of Ukraine and abroad.




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